We have all slipped and fallen on snow and ice at one time or another.  I'm sure we all have also tripped over the lip in flooring or a crack in the sidewalk.  You may even be able to think of a location where you are always cautious to walk around a hazard.  However, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these potential hazards right at their feet. 
A simple slip and fall can cause severe and dibilitating injuries from fractured hips to broken legs.  And most times these falls are not due to the shoes worn or the bags you were carrying, but due to the neglect a property owner had in maintaining his or her property.  When these circumstances arise, you have the right to be compensated and help force a property owner to rectify the condition of his property so others are not injured.
Attorney Anderson has successfully handled slip and fall cases for nearly a decade.  Examples of these cases include: An elderly gentlemen walking into his usual restaurant who tripped over a sidewalk lip; a young lady who fell in a parking lot hole while navigating her way back to her car; and, an elderly lady who slipped on ice while exiting a business hours after snow had fallen.
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