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Personal Injury:  No Fee unless You Recover.  If you are injured in an accident, there is no fee unless he obtains compensation for your injury.  Just like most commercials you will see, this type of fee is a "contingency fee" where the attorney is paid a small portion of the recovery for the client. 
Estate Planning: $300 through following the easy to use links and completing the forms on this website.  Should you prefer to meet face to face with Attorney Anderson for this initial Client Intake, the charge is an agreed upon hourly rate.  Please call Attorney Anderson at 412-334-2770 to discuss your situation for a more proper price quote.
Other Services:  All other legal services provided by Attorney Anderson are charged on an agreed upon hourly rate or flat fee.  Please contact Attorney Anderson at 412-334-2770 to discuss your legal need. 

Estate Planning: What do I need to know?

There are many answers to this question.  Let's start with a few questions in return:
   -- Did you know that even though you may be married, your wife will not receive all of your property should you pass on?
   -- Did you know Medicare has the right to go back five years from the date of your death to try and collect property you may have transferred to loved ones while you were alive?
   -- Did you know you can give away your property during your life to avoid government taxation?
These are some of the many issues you can discuss with Attorney Anderson during your consultations.  There are many asset protection strategies you may be missing out on.  Click on the Estate Planning tab at the top of the Home page on our website to begin taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

What is a Living Will and Why do I need one?

According to the Pennsylvania Bar Association, this document is a written statement that allows you to retain control over whether or not your life should be prolonged by the use of artificial means in a case where you are incompetent and have a terminal condition or are permanently unconscious. The statement tells your family and friends of your wishes and instructs your doctor and other health care providers whether or not to medically prolong the process of your dying or keep you in a state of permanent unconsciousness, with no hope of recovery. It is to be followed if you are unable to provide instructions at the time the medical decisions need to be made and allows you to authorize the withholding or withdrawal of all treatment and



Your declaration should contain specific directions describing the kinds of life-sustaining medical treatments and procedures you wish to be either initiated, continued, withheld or withdrawn, such as those listed in the Pennsylvania Advance Directive for Health Care Act’s sample declaration.  Pennsylvania law also provides that your desire to withhold or withdraw medical treatment is not to be considered suicide, euthanasia or homicide.

I was injured in an accident, what are my options?

You have many options based upon your injury.  However, as an unrepresented injured individual, many companies are seeking to limit some of those options.  Don't limit your options, call Attorney Anderson at 412-334-2770 for a free consultation.