Dog is Man's Best Friend
While this old addage is true, unfortunately there are individuals who neglect their dogs.  Whether the dog is neglected through physical abuse or by an owner who simply fails to train his best friend in obedience, dogs can become dangerous.  And, unfortunately, a playful situation can quickly escalate into a vicious attack. 
Owners are responsible for their dog's actions.  Pennsylvania has realized the unfortunate neglect of some owners and has set forth laws regarding the leashing of a dog and maintaining reasonable control of a dog.  The state even categorizes certain dogs as "dangerous" and requires special care for these "dangerous" dogs.
If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog, you know the fear that has been stricken.  Children, often playful around man's best friend, can become physically scarred as well as mentally scarred and withdrawn.  If an attack results in a severe injury, or if the dog has previously attacked, you have rights and can be fully compensated to alleviate not only the strain of medical bills but the emotional impact.
Attorney Anderson has routinely advised clients on dog attacks and can advise you of your rights. 
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