Civil Rights lawsuits can concern anything from employer discrimination to housing rights violations to police misconduct.  Attorney Anderson is committed to using the legal process to force change upon those who unlawfully violate your fundamental rights.  As a result, Attorney Anderson is selective in the types of Civil Rights cases that he handles.  Attorney Anderson has not only consulted discrimination victims based upon Race, Gender, Disability and Age, but he has also advised businesses when EEOC claims and other violations are claimed by individuals.  It is this broad experience that has provided Attorney Anderson the skills and experience to effective advise you on your situation. 
If you are concerned about potential discrimination please contact Adam G. Anderson, Esq. at 412-334-2770 today.

Adam G. Anderson & Associates handles cases in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. In Pennsylvania, Adam G. Anderson & Associates can handle your case in an around Pittsburgh, Butler, New Castle, Beaver, Uniontown, Greensburg, Washington, Franklin, Erie, Clarion, Bedford, Ebensburg, Indiana, Mercer, Somerset and Warren.