According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
Did you know? Texting while driving increases your chance of being involved in an automobile accident by an amazing 23%!
Did you know? Reckless driving is the #1 killer of children and teenagers each year according to the NHTSA. 
Did you know? In 2009, over 59,000 pedestrians were injured in automobile accidents.
Not only does the NHTSA provide safe driver training information to deal with everyday occurrences including aggressive driving, theft and speeding; but, the NHTSA also provides a database from which you can search your own vehicle's crash worthiness and review case studies related to your vehicle.  Additionally, did you buy a used car?  Are you worried about recalls and manufacturers not getting the proper recall notice to you?  The NHTSA contains all recall information about your vehicle with just a couple of clicks.  Click on for this useful information and more. 
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